Direct To Garment T-Shirt Printing Questions

“What is Direct to Garment Digital T-Shirt Printing?”

Shirt Printing

Direct To Garment Printing is a special garment printer capable of taking the garment and printing directly onto it with a series of print heads sent directly from a computer similar to what a desktop color printer does.

The garment is then removed and a heat press cures the ink into the fabric making it ready to wear. Images can be printed at two levels of 600 / 1200 dpi (Dots per Inch)

“How much are your T-Shirts?”

For each customers needs and wants in their printed shirts we collect the following information.

Price is determined by 5 Basic Questions:

1) -How Many Pieces ?

2) -What Shirt Color ?

3) -Print Locations?

4) -Size of Prints?

5) -When Do You Need Them?

Gradients Blends Overlapping Color


We Quote White Shirts with Full Color Printing, Light Colored Shirts with Full color Printing, And Dark Color Shirts with Full color Printing.

With that information we can get a good idea of what the work will entail and give a quote for the job. Most of our shirt printing can be accomplished within 2-4 days depending on the work load at the time of ordering.

” Is Direct To Garment Printing Cheaper Than Screen Printing?”

Yes – If you only want to do a small run from a single shirt to several dozens – Using our Direct to Garment Digital Printing you don’t have to pay for separate Screen Set-ups for each ink color and print location. Reordering is just a push of a button away to get additional garments printed.

Organic Cotton Made in America

And the images can be re sized to fit youth and adult shirts all from the same file.

No – If you want 100’s or 1,000’s with just one or two color ink on the front and one color ink on the back – But Multiple Colored images and files can benefit from Direct to Garment Digital Printing.

We can print using DTG or screen printing depending on the customers printing needs and budget.

“Is there a charge for more than one color ink?”

No – The printing capabilities are endless with Direct To Garment Digital Printing – No limits to

Our Printer Makes Your Ideas Come to Life

any complex artwork and photo quality reproductions are easily achieved. We design it in the computer using state of the art graphic software with unlimited colors and then simply sent the file to our Garment Printer and within a couple of minutes it is ready to wear.

“Does it fade away after washing?”

Our Direct to Garment dye inks are specially formulated for this process to bond and become one with the shirt fabric. Unlike screen printed images that can crack and flake off after a few washings, Direct to Garment printing goes into the fabric becoming one with the shirt for longer wear and aging. We can also adjust the printing process to create a distressed and aged look by turning down the intensity of the inks.

“What are the washing and care instructions?”

Ladies Cut Styles and Sizes

The equipment manufacturer recommends that you wash your Direct to Garment Printed Apparel in Wash garment inside out cold gentle cycle, dry low heat, cool iron if needed. Use regular laundry detergent, But do not use with any bleach products. Following the recommended washing tips will help your image last much longer. But most people will just wash it along with everything else.

See for your self the possibilities and the soft hand touch of Direct to Garment Digital Printing for your next order!